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Crumbs in the kitchen. Christmas and New Year's recipes for children and parents is a book that is supposed to encourage you to spend time in the kitchen, to cook, try and taste together. We invite you to freely use interesting recipes, and there is a lot to choose from, because we managed to collect as many as 47 recipes, often dusted from grandma's notebooks.

This is a publication created by children for children, they chose the recipes they wanted to share with their peers. It is these delicacies, favorite by the youngest, that you will find inside, made by yourself, although with the help of your parents, you will surely enjoy them too.

Christmas, New Year's and carnival time is a period when we have a little more time and it is worth spending this time together, with family, among friends. It has been known for a long time that the best time is spent in the kitchen, because this is where the heart of the house is pulsating, but it is also the place where everyday conversations take place.

Crumbs in the kitchen

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  • Hardcover

    Format 185x225mm

    Number of pages 124

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