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There is no doubt that this publication is an important achievement in the study of John Paul II's influence on social changes in recent decades. The monograph shows how incomplete the picture of the reception of the Highlanders' homage in the literature has been so far. The book is certainly an important contribution to Polish theological and media studies thought.


Fr. prof. UAM dr hab. Maciej Szczepaniak

University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań


The visit of the head of the Catholic Church to the High Tatras in 1995 also left a unique mark on the hearts of believers in Slovakia, which was presented by guests from Slovakia in their texts. During his visits to Slovakia, John Paul II also pointed out the beauty of his beloved Tatra Mountains on the border of Poland

and Slovakia as a source of reciprocity, because in fact the High Tatras, so dear to the hearts of Slovaks and Poles, do not divide but unite two nations connected by so many events.


Prof. ThDr. Marek Petro, PhD.

University of Prešov

Cross - Mercy - Communication

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