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On the 5th anniversary of the death of the Krakow cardinal, we present a monograph full of unique memories, archival photographs and reflections, a book that rediscovers the figure of Cardinal Franciszek Macharski.


The book includes texts by the authors:

Archbishop Wojciech Polak • Jacek Majchrowski • Stanislaw card. Dziwisz • Andrzej Zoll • Tomasz Boroń • Kazimierz Barczyk • Wojciech Nowak • Jacek Purchla • Andrzej Kopicz • Adam Bachleda-Curuś • Tadeusz Jakubowicz • Robert Tyrała • Władysław Gasidło • Robert Włodarczyk • Piotr Adamek • Filip Musiał • Andrzej Draguła • Jerzy Sadecki • Kazimierz Pityński • Zbigniew Samitowski • Renata Gąsior • Olga Maślanka • Wojciech Misztal • Olimpia Górska • Tomasz Krzyżak • Jaroslaw Gugała • Wojciech Olszowski • Bolesław Karcz • Robert Nęcek • Joanna Sobczyk-Pająk


At a time when many church hierarchs are accused of lacking virtues and reaching for newer and newer privileges, the figure of the humble, wise and sensitive to man Franciszek Macharski deserves this multicolored publication consisting of fragments of memories, biographical facts, anecdotes and reminiscences. The book presented for review is a really important link connecting the memories of living people of science, culture, art and media with the personalized space of religion and faith.

Prof. student dr hab. Anita Frankowiak

University of Warmia and Mazury


I heartily recommend the publication to many specialists in media, media education, theologians, journalists, researchers from all these disciplines. It is a beautiful portrait of a unique and extraordinary man, but also shows the Cardinal's versatility and commitment.

Prof. student dr hab. Monika Przybysz

Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University

Cardinal Franciszek Macharski

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  • Hardcover

    Format 180x255mm

    Number of pages 336

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