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An occasional lecture given in front of the Zakopane City Council on June 3, 2022.

The pilgrimage of John Paul II to Podhale, to Zakopane, was a long-awaited visit. As a historical event closely related to the famous highlander homage, it revealed a unique communication between highlanders and the holy pope. Mayor Adam Bachleda-Curus' homage to the Polish Highlanders resulted from the need of hearts and showed the faith present in the attitude of specific Christians, reflected in the stories of people full of strength.

The unique communication relationship between the highlanders and the Pope could be admired by the whole world. In this context, the following will be discussed: the contemporary phenomenon of Podhale, John Paul II in communication with highlanders and tribute as a communication expression of admiration for John Paul II.

Highlanders and love for the Pope

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