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Why was the Pope supposed to die? A previously unpublished interview with Fr. card. Stanisław Dziwisz, who talks about the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in 1981. In an interview with Fr. Robert Nęcek, the former secretary of the Pope, also talks about the attack in Fatima and the unknown assassination attempt in Seoul. The whole is accompanied by archival photos from 1981, but also a photo of Ali Agca's gun and photos from Fatima.


The assassination attempt on John Paul II was undoubtedly one of the events after which the world held its breath. The drama that took place in Saint Peter on May 13, 1981 is widely known. Despite this, we still cannot fully reconstruct the anatomy of this crime. Historians agree that the involvement of communist Bulgaria's secret services in the logistics of the assassination could not have taken place without the Kremlin's knowledge. But many elements of this event we still do not know, and perhaps we will never know them. Few people are aware that a year later there was another assassination attempt in Fatima. Both of these events are recalled by their witness. It is a valuable source for historians, and an important testimony for the faithful.


dr hab. Filip Musial

prof. Ignatianum Academy

Why did the Pope have to die?

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